Gabriella Russo

Delivering Training that

Transforms and Empowers

Gabriella Russo

Delivering Training that

Transforms and Empowers


Do you know what safeguarding actually is? As an organisation, do you understand the legal and moral responsibilities you have for yourself, your stakeholders and your service users?

Hello! I’m Gabriella, and I deliver safeguarding training to a wide range of organisations, professional bodies, businesses and individuals. My training will clarify your understanding about how safeguarding affects you and how you can help to protect yourself and the people you care for and support.

Latest News – Grooming On SPOTIFY

January 2023 has seen the new and horrifying discovery that children and young people are being groomed on SPOTIFY to share explicit photos of themselves.

If you have come to me because you have been reading in the press about the use of SPOTIFY for child grooming and sexual exploitation, I can help you understand what is happening and what you can do about it:



Ten Signs Your Child Is Being Groomed

As parents and carers, we are tasked with keeping the children in our homes safe. We feed them, educate them, love them and keep them safe from danger. BUT what about the dangers parents/carers can’t see?

We know that the internet is a place where we need to exercise caution to be able to enjoy its benefits and we can educate our children to be aware. But paedophiles are clever and they know how to exploit vulnerable people. And that makes it difficult to recognise if your child is being groomed.

That’s why I put together this booklet, containing signs to look out for to tell if your child is being exploited. It also contains

information about what to do next.


Best of all, it’s FREE.

So what are you waiting for?

To get your copy: Click Here

How I can support you:

I understand that the training needs of each organisation, education setting and individual are unique to them. I tailor my sessions to ensure you, your students and your team are equipped for the challenges you face. 

I have a number of training packages below, which can be tailored to your needs. These include:

  • Child Protection Training for Frontline Professionals, Charities and Voluntary Organisations
  • Safeguarding and DEI in Business Settings
  • Online Safety for multi-agency professionals, Local Authorities, foster carers and teachers
  • Online Safety for parents and carers
  • Prevent Duty
  • Assemblies, lessons, workshops and drop down days for Primary and Secondary Schools, and Colleges
  • Lectures, workshops and career days for Universities

If you have a particular topic on your agenda that isn’t covered below, do get in touch and I can create a bespoke package to meet your specific requirements.

Gabriella in conversation with a small group of people

Training Packages Available:

Child Protection Training

Tailored training for anyone working with children and young people.

Increase your confidence and understanding of the signs of abuse and neglect and what a robust response to this should look like.

Sutiable for:

  • Executive Boards
  • Local Authorities
  • Youth and Children’s Work Teams
  • Groups in faith settings

Do No Harm – Safeguarding and DEI in Business

Essential training for all businesses, however big or small.

  • What are your safeguarding responsibilites as a business owner?
  • Are you clear in your understanding of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) laws and how they affect the way your business needs to run?
  • How can we make sure our employee and client relationships flourish safely?
  • Do you know how to implement reasonable adjustments for people who have disabilites or are neuro-divergent?

Online Safety

3 hour training for multi-agency professionals teams, Local Authorities, foster carers or teachers.

  • How can we stay up to date with the latest trends? (INCLUDING FULLY UP TO DATE INFORMATION ON THE SPOTIFY GROOMING ISSUE)
  • What are the strategies we need to help our children and young people navigate their online world safely?
  • How can we build digital resilience into the lives of those we care for?

1-2-1 Parenting Support

1-2-1 Parent/Carer Online Safety Sessions.

  • Concerned about keeping your family safe online?
  • Wondering how you can keep up with their ever-changing, fast-paced online world?
  • Trying to balance an awareness of the dangers whilst making the most of all the internet has to offer?
  • Want to know the best things to do – and what not to do?

Spend an hour with me as I help you navigate your child/young person’s online world.

Sessions tailored to the age of your children.

Prevent Duty

Understanding the Prevent Duty is essential for anyone working with children, young people or vulnerable adults. This training is tailored to you and your team’s work and covers:

  • Why you need to know about extremism and radicalisation.
  • Key definitions relating to radicalisation.
  • Who are the people at risk?
  • How radicalisation can occur.
  • The warning signs.
  • The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act.
  • The Prevent Duty and who has duties under it.
  • Assessing the risks of radicalisation.
  • Sector specific duties.

Primary Schools

Interactive lessons and assemblies.

Delivering lessons and assemblies that deal with topics in a way that is fun and age-appropriate, I offer assemblies and lessons on a wide variety of topics, such as:

* friendship *staying safe *recognising abuse *anti-bullying *peer pressure *online safety *consent *modern slavery *county lines *being inclusive *transition to secondary school..

Using story-telling, quizzes, drama, film and discussions, students will have fun and learn important lessons at the same time.

Secondary Schools

Interactive lessons and assemblies. Drop down days.

Age appropriate programmes delivered on a wide variety of topics such as:

*mental health *staying safe *recognising abuse *anti-bullying *healthy relationships *consent *self-esteem *peer pressure *online safety *modern slavery *neurodiversity & inclusion *dealing with exam pressure.

These can be delivered in assemblies or lessons, or be part of drop down days or career days. 


Interactive lessons, workshops, drop down days and career days.

These can be delivered in lessons, or be part of drop down days or career days, including being on panel discussions or being interviewed by students about my life and work experiences and the lessons I can share from my own journey. Topics include:

*mental health *staying safe *recognising abuse *anti-bullying *healthy relationships *consent *self-esteem *peer pressure *online safety *modern slavery *dealing with exam pressure *business management and leadership *neurodiversity and inclusion.


Interactive lectures, workshops and career days.

These can be delivered in lectures, or be part of career days, including being on panel discussions or being interviewed by students about my life and work experiences and the lessons I can share from my own journey. Topics include:

*business management and leadership *community engagement *preparing for job interviews *dealing with exam pressure *neurodiversity and inclusion *recognising abuse and what to do about it *consent *modern slavery

Why me?

Gabriella Looking through a life ring

Real change begins with validating the human experience by listening to stories and experiences that everyone holds inside themselves. By doing so, people can know that they have real value and worth.

THIS is why I am a safeguarding trainer – because I want to empower others to do the same through my training and support.

How do I do that?

I create experiences that empower others…

by ensuring safe spaces where people know there are no wrong or unintelligent questions.

I make difficult topics and issues easier to sit with and process…

and transform complicated subjects so they are easier to understand.

I challenge thinking, understanding and behaviours…

with a deep unwavering empathy.

By placing children, young people and families at the heart of a collaborative, person-centred, strengths-based approach, my training provides you with tools, techniques and strategies to take away and put into use when supporting those you work with.

With fully up-to-date courses which meet statutory requirements relevant for practice in 2022 and with expertise in online safety, child protection, foster care, human trafficking and all forms of abuse, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), business leadership and management, and neurodiversity in the workplace, I deliver professional training with effective results.

I bring my own voice, I accept and I listen.

It is easy to pay lip-service to the idea of self-care as we are often encouraged to look after ourselves if we find the subject of safeguarding and abuse difficult. However, I believe that self-care is central when supporting vulnerable individuals and families. Born out of my own experiences and a lifetime of working with vulnerable children, adults and communities, my passion is to help people learn about the ways in which we can all make a difference, whilst counter-balancing the fact that this subject matter is challenging through honesty and self-compassion, and with the knowledge that change is possible.


There ARE solutions. YOU are part of the solution. Look around you – there are so many of us who are working to make a change and one of them is YOU. 

My experience and expertise:

I bring over 25 years of experience in the UK and abroad (in Lebanon, South Africa and Europe) working directly with children, young people and families in education settings, childrens’ homes, social care and faith communities, both supporting them and delivering training to the frontline professionals working with them, as well as leading staff and volunteer teams. I have worked with looked-after children, children in the care system and both children and adults who have been abused.

I have worked (and continue to work) in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, with local safeguarding boards and with charities and businesses who want to make sure that their safeguarding is robust and up-to-date.

I spent a number of years working in anti-human trafficking: 

  • as an NRM First Responder interviewing adult victims of human trafficking and modern slavery
  • training professionals such as teachers, magistrates, clergy, health workers, local authority staff and many others on how to spot the signs of trafficking and what to do next
  • teaching in schools, colleges and universities
  • as a speaker and panel-member at fundraising and awareness events across the country

I then spent almost 5 years as a manager at the NSPCC leading a team of staff and volunteers delivering abuse prevention programmes to pupils in all primary schools (mainstream, faith-based, SEND and international schools including those with English as a second language) across six London Local Authorities. I worked closely with DSLs and Local Safeguarding Boards, and also delivered training to parents, carers, school staff and governors.

After my time at the NSPCC I decided to set up my own business as an independant safeguarding trainer and consultant. Since setting up my business I have joined the Harrow Local Safeguarding Board as part of their Learning and Development Team delivering training on a wide variety of safeguarding topics. I am also the Online Safety Trainer for Wandsworth Local Safeguarding Board, as well as being invited to become the Online Safety Expert for Fosterwiki (Online Safety for Children & Young People | FosterWiki). I also lecture regularly at the University of Wales, working particularly with MBA and Social Care students, delivering lectures on subjects such as Management and Leadership, Community Engagement, and Building An Inclusive Workplace.

In addition, I support women who have experienced, or are going through, domestic abuse and violence in faith communities, where their faith has been used as a means of control and manipulation – this work is born out of my own personal experience which has made me passionate to see others going through similar situations find their freedom, voice, value and worth, and enable them to make choices about their faith and their values.

I love the fact that my business allows me to bring all of my experiences and expertise together with my passion for people and for working relationally with each of my clients to support them in the best way possible.

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